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Why is The Teacher's Role Important in Our Society?

Teachers are pillars of the society due to the fact they help to make a change to the future generation in regard to becoming moral, responsible and productive members of the community. Teachers are at the leaders of education and play an important part in shaping the values, knowledge and capabilities of the students. They have a very essential role in student's lives in the classroom. Not only do they provide the role of educating the students via a given curriculum however they go beyond that and serve many different roles. For example, they build a warm environment, they set the tone of their classrooms, they become mentors who guide students through the thorns of education, and they nurture students and become student's role models. Guidance Teachers guide their students by being able to see each student's strengths and weaknesses. Then through this information, they provide support and guidance to either get them up to speed or push them higher. They can be a source of motivation and inspiration that encourage students to do well and inspire them to work hard and keep their educational targets on track. Through this, they also help to reveal students best skills and teach valuable life skills such as communication, presentation, organization, sympathy, and more. By providing the guidance they then become their student's mentors who are there to listen and provide the right support for their students. Role Model Teachers are also important as they become role models for students. They show how to be a good person not just by telling but also by being as they come to work every day knowing their students will soak up their actions like sponges. A great teacher always has compassion for their students, taking into account their student's personal lives and has a positive outlook for their goals and achievements even when things are going wrong. Dedication This brings me to another very important element that every great teacher is considered important for and that is dedication. Being committed to their jobs and wanting the best outcome for their students is one of the most important parts of a teaching job. Teachers have the patience for their students and are understanding when they don't understand a concept. Again it is a teacher who understands that each student is an individual human being. So for example when some students have a hard time doing some kind work or handing work in on time, a teacher will know that perfection is never the expectation. In return as a teacher, they show compassion for the students and do their best to bring them to a higher level. They believe in the power of education and have a passion for both students and education and are dedicated to this cause. This dedication is also shown by teachers working round the clock. Their work doesn't start or stop when the school bell rings they carry on making lesson plans, marking papers, communicating with parents after school etc. Assesments Assessments and exams are important features of the teaching and learning process. Teachers have an understanding of the purpose, methods and effects of assessment and provide helpful feedback to their students. The teacher designs and manages both formative and summative assessment in ways that are appropriate to the level and purpose of the learning. A good teacher shows the students what they can do and what they need to learn to do. The teacher keeps a detailed and analytical record of assessments and tests, which later they used to interpret and use as part of the improvement programme for the students. Therefore this shows that teachers teach gradual and not everything at once as this allows the students to see their progress in achieving higher and higher levels. To Summarise..... So to conclude why are teachers important? Its simple teachers are the backbone of society. A teacher plays a key role in a student's life. They are role models to students, offer guidance and dedication and give students the power of education. It's because of teachers that countries developed socially and economically. Teacher's main goal is to assure that students get the education and understand why they need it. This can only be done by the teachers as they a vision and determination to dedicate themselves to educating the future generation. It is not enough to just to deliver information, as all information now can be found online. It's the teacher who shows how to use the information and why to use it. They shape the student's mind and the way they see the world. A good teacher can inspire, while a bad one can kill the inspiration. In other words, there is a personal responsibility for every teacher, as they play a significant role in the student's life and education. For these reasons, the role of a teacher is even more significant than we can imagine.

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